Dash Enterprise Workspaces

Dash Enterprise Workspaces contains a VS Code-like IDE, Jupyter notebooks, and an isolated “production-like” environment. In a workspace, you can author an app from creation to deployment without leaving your browser.


Using Workspaces — Getting started with Workspaces. Learn how to create and manage a workspace.

Using the IDE — Learn how to use the IDE and its features.

Development App — Running and previewing your app in Workspaces.

Services with Workspaces — Redis and Postgres services in Workspaces.

Cloning Repositories into a Workspace — Learn how to clone a 3rd party repository into a Workspace.

Python Package Management — Keep Python packages in your development Workspace in sync with your deployed application.

Apt Package Management — How to install apt packages in your workspace.

Deploying Changes — Deploying your app from Workspaces.

Limitations & Warnings — Workspaces warnings & limitations.

Troubleshooting Using Workspaces — Using Workspaces to troubleshoot build failures.

Jupyter Notebooks

Getting Started with Jupyter Notebooks in Workspaces — Learn how to create and edit Jupyter Notebooks within Workspaces.

Using Dash in Jupyter and Workspaces — Deploying your app in Workspaces.

Visualizing Plotly Graphs in Jupyter and Workspaces — Learn how to use Plotly Graphs within Jupyter Notebooks.

Exporting Static Images in Jupyter — Exporting static images with Kaleido.

Limitations, Warnings and Known Bugs in Jupyter — Jupyter Limitations and known bugs within Dash Enterprise Workspaces.