Dash Enterprise 5 Breaking Changes

The following features available in Dash Enterprise 4.X are not supported in 5.X or behave differently:

See Persistent Filesystem for more information.

python [build] [[build.env]] name = 'BP_CPYTHON_VERSION' value = '3.6.*' # any valid semver constraints (e.g. 3.6.7, 3.*) are acceptable

Known issue: In Dash Enterprise < 5.2.X, it is not possible to use environment variables like the one above to customize the build behavior in workspaces. If you customize the Python version for your deployed app, the same app will still use Python 3.8.12 (Dash Enterprise 5.0.0 and 5.1.0) or Python 3.8.16 (Dash Enterprise 5.1.1) if you preview it in workspaces.

No change is required if you are deploying using the Dash Enterprise CLI (Dash Enterprise 5.2.X and later) because it uses HTTPS.

For a guide on adapting apps deployed to Dash Enterprise 4.X to make them compatible with Dash Enterprise 5.X, see DE4 to DE5 Migration.