License and License Seats

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Your Dash Enterprise license defines:

You must be an administrator to see license information, manage license seats, and apply changes that Plotly makes to your license.

You can view license information in Dash Enterprise by going to Platform and Users.

License Seats displays your license name, expiration date, assigned license seats, and remaining license seats.


Known limitation: When you make changes to a group that is mapped to the licensed_user role, the number of assigned and remaining license seats does not update right away. If the group was natively created in Keycloak or synced from an LDAP IdP, the affected group members need to refresh Dash Enterprise. If the group was imported from a SAML or OIDC IdP, the affected group members need to log out and back in to Dash Enterprise. To ensure prompt updates of your assigned and remaining license seat counts, we strongly recommend assigning the licensed_user role to users directly.

Managing License Seats

You can allocate license seats to users by assigning them the licensed_user role in Keycloak.

For full details about assigning roles, see Assigning Roles.

If a user without a license seat attempts to perform an action restricted to licensed users, they’ll see a 403 error.


If more users have the licensed_user role than the maximum amount of licensed users defined in your license, users who are over the limit are not allocated a license seat.
Dash Enterprise determines which users are within the limit using the order in which you assigned them the licensed_user role. If you assigned the role to many users at once by adding a role mapping to a group,
and the number of members in the group pushes you over the limit, Dash Enterprise determines which users to allocate the license seat to using the order in which the users sign in to Dash Enterprise.

When Dash Enterprise is unable to allocate a license seat to a user with the licensed_user role, error messages are displayed in Platform and Users.

License Seats displays a general warning that one or more users were assigned the licensed_user role but were not allocated license seats. You can find the affected users in the Users table.


Affected users see an error icon when they select their username.


To resolve an issue where a user needs a license seat but there are no license seats available, remove the licensed_user role from another user or contact us to purchase more license seats.

Important: Do not remove the licensed_user role from a user who created apps in Dash Enterprise without first transferring their apps to another user.

License Expiration

A warning banner is displayed in Dash Enterprise when your license approaches its expiration date. When your license expires, most functionality is disabled, including but not limited to visiting deployed apps, viewing the Portal, and accessing documentation.

Contact us to renew your license.

Applying License Changes

When Plotly makes changes to your license, such as updating the expiration date or adding more license seats, you’ll need to apply the change to Dash Enterprise.