Column Filters

Column filters are filters that are applied to the data at the column level. Many column filters can be active at
once (for example, filters set on different columns) and the grid will display rows that pass every column’s filter.

Column Filter Types

You can use the Provided Filters that come with the grid, or you can build your
own Filter Components if you want to customise the filter
experience to your application.

There are four main Provided Filters, plus the Multi Filter:

Example: Provided Filters

The example below demonstrates provided filters available in AG Grid Community.

Relation to Quick Filter and External Filter

Column Filters work independently of Quick Filter and external
filters such as updating the Filter Model in a Dash
Callback. If Quick Filter and / or an external filter are applied along with a Column Filter, each filter type is
considered and the row will only show if it passes all three types.

Column Filters are tied to a specific column. Quick Filter are not tied to any particular column. This section of the
documentation talks about Column Filters only. For Quick Filter and Filter Model, click the links above to learn

Filtering Animation

Filtering animation of the rows when filtering is enabled by default. To supress the animation, set the Grid
Option animateRows=False.

    dashGridOptions={"animateRows": False}