Upgrading Dash Enterprise

This page can help you prepare for upgrading Dash Enterprise 5 to a newer version. View information about upgrading Dash Enterprise 4 here.

Plotly uses Replicated to deliver new Dash Enterprise versions. We will notify you when a new version is available. Your organization is responsible for performing the upgrade to a new version. You can manage Dash Enterprise upgrades in the KOTS Admin Console, part of the Replicated toolset.

Important: While the KOTS Admin Console has settings to configure automatic upgrades, always wait for us to contact you before upgrading Dash Enterprise. Automatic upgrades are not officially supported.

You can directly upgrade to a version of Dash Enterprise that is more than one release ahead of your current version unless the intermediate versions contain a minor version.
To upgrade Dash Enterprise by more than one minor version, you need to perform the upgrades one at a time.

Continue to Before Upgrading to learn how to prepare for your upgrade.

Before Upgrading

Before upgrading Dash Enterprise, we strongly recommend:

Checking Your Current Dash Enterprise Version

To check your current version of Dash Enterprise, log in to the KOTS Admin Console at https://admin-<your-dash-enterprise-server>.

The dashboard displays the version that you are currently using.


This version number corresponds to the version number displayed at the bottom of each page in the Dash Enterprise App Manager.

Performing an Upgrade

Exact upgrade steps depend on your environment. Contact us to upgrade Dash Enterprise.