App Viewer Analytics

The Viewer Analytics tab of the App Info displays view count information for your app. Viewer analytics become available as soon as you deploy your app and remain available for the entire lifecycle of your app. Data is not cleared when you deploy a new version of your app.

A view is added each time someone visits your app, which requires viewer access. No viewer usernames are displayed, even if the viewers are logged in.

App Views contains cards that display Total views and Unique views. Unique views increase each time a new, logged in viewer visits your app.

A line chart displays daily and cumulative views. By default, data for the past 7 days is displayed.


Open the date picker to choose a different range for the data you want to view. Some presets are available to the left of the calendars.


All times are displayed in UTC. Note that this means that views may be registered on a different date than the date in your local time.

Views in the Past 2 Weeks displays a heatmap of views over the last 14 days.


You can hover over data points in the graphs to obtain more detailed information, as well as select a portion of the graph to drill down into specific data points. It is not possible to export the data.

To obtain more granular viewer analytics, such as visitor usernames and time spent on the page, see the Dash User Analytics package.

Known issue: No data is available for Django or Flask apps.