To learn more about links, see the chapter on Dash URLs.

Link Properties

Access this documentation in your Python terminal with:


children (a list of or a singular dash component, string or number; optional): The children of this component

className (string; optional): Often used with CSS to style elements with common properties.

href (string; required): The URL of a linked resource.

id (string; optional): The ID of this component, used to identify dash components in callbacks. The ID needs to be unique across all of the components in an app.

loading_state (dict; optional): Object that holds the loading state object coming from dash-renderer. loading_state has the following type: dict containing keys ‘is_loading’, ‘prop_name’, ‘component_name’. Those keys have the following types:

  • is_loading (boolean; optional): Determines if the component is loading or not
  • prop_name (string; optional): Holds which property is loading
  • component_name (string; optional): Holds the name of the component that is loading

refresh (boolean; default False): Controls whether or not the page will refresh when the link is clicked

style (dict; optional): Defines CSS styles which will override styles previously set.

title (string; optional): Adds the title attribute to your link, which can contain supplementary information.

target (string; optional): Specifies where to open the link reference.