Set Filter Excel Mode

Set Filter is an AG Grid Enterprise feature, so you’ll need a license key to use it. See Using AG Grid Enterprise for an example of how to use your license key with Dash AG Grid components.

The Set Filter is a more powerful version of Excel’s AutoFilter, allowing users to easily build more complex sets for filtering in less time. However, sometimes you may want to provide your users with an Excel-like experience. For this you can use Excel Mode.

Enabling Excel Mode

To enable Excel Mode, simply add the excelMode option to your filter params:

    columnDefs = [
            'field': 'animal',
            'filter': 'agSetColumnFilter',
            'filterParams': {
                # can be 'windows' or 'mac'
                'excelMode': 'windows',

Excel’s AutoFilter behaves differently depending on whether you are using the Windows or Mac version. The grid therefore allows you to choose which behaviour you would like by setting excelMode to 'windows' or 'mac' respectively.

The example below demonstrates the differences between the different modes:

Differences Between Modes

This table in the AG Grid docs shows the differences in behavior alongside the default behavior of the grid for comparison. Note that the behavior of the grid can be changed from the defaults in many ways using the other options detailed on the Set Filter pages. These options can also be used in conjunction with the Excel Mode to give you the maximum amount of flexibility.