Using AG Grid Enterprise

AG Grid has enterprise features available that let you add advanced functionality to your grids. If you have an AG Grid Enterprise license, you can use it with Dash AG Grid. Enterprise-only features include:

AG Grid Pricing

While it is free to try out AG Grid Enterprise, we strongly recommend that, before investing significant time in
integrating the Enterprise features into your Dash app, you take the time to understand the AG Grid Enterprise pricing.
Please note that Plotly is not affiliated with AG Grid. For more information and to receive a quote for an AG Grid
Enterprise license, kindly contact AG Grid Sales directly.

Using your AG Grid License Key

To use an AG Grid Enterprise key with Dash AG Grid. Set enableEnterpriseModules=True and include your license key with licenseKey=<your_license_key>.


We recommend you save your license key as an environment variable, and reference the variable in your code. This way, the key isn’t hardcoded in your app’s code, meaning you don’t run the risk of mistakenly exposing or sharing it. In the example below we have an environment variable called 'AG_GRID_LICENSE_KEY' that we set as the licenseKey


This example uses a licenseKey and has enableEnterpriseModules enabled. One of the AG Grid Enterprise features shown here is the Column Menu, which when you select it in a column header gives you access to options to pin, autosize, and reset columns. You can also hide/display columns from the Column Menu:

Column Menu

See the AG Grid documentation for more information on the differences between Community and Enterprise AG Grid, and detail on which features are Enterprise features.