Dash Installation

In your terminal, install dash.

pip install dash

This brings along three component libraries
that make up the core of Dash: dash_html_components, dash_core_components,
dash_table, as well as the plotly graphing library. These libraries are
under active development, so install and upgrade frequently.

If you prefer Jupyter notebook
or JupyterLab as your development environment, we recommend installing jupyter-dash:

pip install jupyter-dash

These docs are running dash version 1.21.0.
Python 2 and 3 are supported.

We also recommend installing Pandas, which is
required by Plotly Express and
used in many of our examples.

pip install pandas

Ready? Now, let’s make your first Dash app.

These docs are a Dash app running on Dash Enterprise on Azure Kubernetes Service.

Write, deploy, and scale Dash apps on a Dash Enterprise Kubernetes cluster.

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