Linking a Celery Process

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise.
Dash Enterprise is the fastest way to write & deploy Dash apps and
Jupyter notebooks.
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data science apps. Find out if your company is using Dash Enterprise.

Celery is a reliable asynchronous task queue/job queue that supports both
real-time processing and task scheduling in production systems. This makes
Celery well-suited for Dash apps.

In Dash Enterprise, Celery job queues can work in conjunction with Redis to save data to the database. Apps can then read this data using callbacks
and leverage Snapshot Engine to display the results and even generate PDF reports.

With the Dash Enterprise App Catalog, you can use deploy-ready apps that have Celery processes already defined in their Procfile.
Here are a few that you can get started with when initializing an app with the Use the App Catalog method: * Refresh Data Periodically Using Redis * Refresh Data Periodically Using Postgres * Background Task Queue and Viewing Previous Results * Generating PDF Reports from an App View * Generating PDF Reports from a Background Task * Saving and Loading Persistent Notes With Dash Snapshots

For more information about Celery, visit the
Celery documentation.