Admin Panel

This documentation is for Dash Enterprise,
Plotly’s commercial platform for managing and improving
Dash applications in your organization.
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The Admin panel allows Admin users, users with Staff and Superuser Status, to manage all users of the Dash Enterprise platform.
From here they can add, view, modify, and delete user accounts. The panel can be accessed from the navbar
dropdown in the /Manager or /Portal pages as shown below.


Dash Enterprise admin panel link

Only Admin users have access to the admin panel and other users will
not be able to see the above link.

Users Section

The users section displays a summary of all the users which includes the number of Dash apps created.


Users summary section


A specific user account can be accessed and modified by clicking on a username. This view
allows you modify the user’s account (e.g. make them an admin, change the email associated
with the account) or delete it altogether.


Modify user section


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