Export Data to CSV

The grid data can be exported to CSV with an API call, or using the right-click context menu (Enterprise only) on the Grid.

What Gets Exported

The same data that is in the grid gets exported, but none of the GUI representation of the data will be. What this means is:

The CSV export will be enabled by default. If you want to disable it, you can set the property suppressCsvExport = True in your gridOptions.

Basic Example

The example below shows the default behaviour when exporting the grid’s data to CSV.

Additional Options

See the reference section below and the AG Grid docs for more details and examples of the options you can set for the CSV export.

This example shows how to exclude the headings on export and include hidden columns on export.


csvExportParams (dict; optional): Object with properties to pass to the exportDataAsCsv() method. csvExportParams is a dict with keys: