Encapsulating D3.js Charts as Python Dash Components

D3.js is a flexible library for rendering and animating SVG in the web
browser. Its approach toward rendering content in the DOM is quite
different than React.js, the user interface library that Dash components

By popular demand, we’ve created a set of tutorials to help you
make high quality Dash components with D3.js. Beyond D3, these
tutorials should also help you better understand how to integrate
3rd-party libraries into your custom React and Dash components.

Questions or feedback? Let us know in our Dash + D3 Feedback Thread

Note: Before you dig in too deep into D3.js, we recommend checking out
plotly.js, our flagship
open source charting library. Since 2012, we’ve worked hard to abstract
away the complexity of data visualization through a standard, declarative
interface for over 30 chart types. Under the hood, plotly.js uses
D3.js and WebGL. dash_core_components.Graph is the official
Dash interface to plotly.js.